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PC Riot Suit, Model No:FBF-B-JA01



PC Riot Suit   Model No: FBF-B-JA01 Logo: customized. Colour: shell surface colour for the "9 9" type navy blue. Weight: < 7kg
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PC Riot Suit  
Model No:FBF-B-JA01
1, the implementation of standards: "GA 294-2012 police riot helmet".
2, police riot helmet by the shell, buffer layer, padding, mask, wearing device (including tie, chin rest, wear buckle and helmet top suspension system, etc.), neck protection. Police riot helmets are made of materials that are non-toxic and harmless to the human body. The liner is sweat-absorbent, breathable and comfortable.
3, Appearance: police riot helmet outer surface coating uniform and smooth, no impurities, blistering, peeling, flaking and other defects on the surface.
4, logo: customized.
5, colour: shell surface colour for the "9 9" type navy blue.
6, weight: < 7kg
7, size: specifications according to GB/T10000-1988 head size, divided into L (large), M (medium), S (small) three specifications.
8, shell: shell surface without obvious dents, sharp corner spikes and other defects. Mask connectors shell outer surface 14mm, tie and other parts of the connectors do not exceed the shell inside and outside surface 3mm, connectors without burrs. Shell edge inlaid with soft rounded blunt edges, in the corresponding part of the human ear set up through the sound hole.
9, buffer layer: buffer layer to absorb collision energy.
10, liner: liner can be removed and washed.
11, mask: mask without bump marks, sharp corners, burrs, bubbles and other defects, smooth rounded edges, no burrs. Mask opening and closing process, can maintain the positioning function under the action of non-artificial external force. The diameter of any small spot or black spot on the mask is 1mm and the number is 4. Light transmission rate of 88.9%, the maximum amount of light distortion 2, the inner surface of the anti-fog performance.
12, wearing device: tie and shell fixed connection, the width of the tie 19.7mm. wearing buckle opening and closing function is convenient and reliable, can effectively adjust the degree of elasticity of the tie. The belt can withstand 900N tensile load, loading process of the belt will not appear tearing, tearing, connectors fall off, wearing buckle loose phenomenon, the elongation of the belt 15mm, unloading wearing buckle can be used normally. The helmet top suspension system ensures ventilation and easy adjustment.
13, neck guard: neck guard made of soft materials, removable, and the shell is connected reliably, along the mid-sagittal surface extends out of the police riot helmet shell outside the effective part of the length of 103mm.
14, anti-leakage performance: can withstand the spraying of test liquids, test head mould is not coloured; mask in the closed, and shell joints have anti-liquid flow function.
15, impact protection performance: can withstand the mask 4.9J kinetic energy impact, after the impact of the mask and the nose of the test head mould does not contact, and the mask can be opened and closed normally.
16, impact strength performance: mask can withstand 1 g lead bullet 150 m / s ± 10m / s speed impact, after the impact of the mask is not pierced or broken.
17, absorption of collision energy performance: can withstand the impact of 49J energy, the impact of the force transferred to the test head mould is less than 4900N, and the shell does not rupture.
18, penetration resistance: police riot helmets can withstand 88.2J energy puncture, puncture when the falling hammer does not penetrate the police riot helmet and test head mould contact.
19, flame retardant performance: the outer surface of the shell continues to burn time 4s.
20, the climate environment adaptability: at -20 ℃ ~ +55 ℃ and room temperature under the conditions of rain, the shell did not rupture, mask and test head model of the nose is not in contact and can be opened and closed normally. The performance of absorbing collision energy meets the requirements.